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Positions: 6

Time Commitment: 0-2 hours per week

Reports to: Co-Directors of Branding & Design


NAMUN’s photographers and videographers are the eyes of the conference, tirelessly documenting committee proceedings, social events, and moments throughout the conference. They provide delegates with the opportunities to relive their experiences and memories at NAMUN 2019 during and after the conference. Ideal candidates should be organized, responsible, and be interested in developing their event photography and videography skills in a high-paced environment.


Photographers and Videographers are expected to:

  • Document training sessions, staff events and other NAMUN related happenings throughout the year

  • Edit the photographs or videos produced

  • Watermark all content with the NAMUN logo

  • Attend monthly meetings with the Directors (from October to February)

  • Be present for the entirety of the conference (February 21-24, 2019)


Previous photography or videography experience is recommended.


*These positions are grouped together because you can apply to do both as it is more efficient for the conference, however if you would only like to do either photography or videography that is possible, just make sure to specify in your application.

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App developer (iOS)

Positions available: 1-2

Time commitment: 2-4 hours per week

Reports to: Co-Directors of Branding & Design


NAMUN is once again hoping to create of a NAMUN mobile app that is to be used by the delegates for general announcements, updates, academic content etc. The App Developer(s) will collaborate with the Director of Branding & Design in the creation, development, and maintenance of the NAMUN mobile app for iOS and Android that will be used for the duration of the conference. 


The App Developer(s) are expected to:

  • Work on the design and development of the NAMUN mobile app (under the guidance of the Director of Branding & Design).

  • Help to maintain and update the NAMUN mobile app within the duration of the conference.

  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings (from October to February).

  • Be present for the entirety of the conference (February 21-24, 2019).


Experience with mobile app development and/or coding is recommended.